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Are Annuities For You?

    Have you ever thought “is there a safe way to invest my money”? How about “Is there a way to get guaranteed interest on my investment money”? Maybe you thought about getting a better option than your current retirement plan? All of these questions can be answered with yes, an Annuity is an option for or solution of that inquiry.

    Annuities have protection from stock market downturns and they have guarantees on interest returns. Annuities can be useful by putting a small portion of your retirement fund into an annuity creating a better retirement plan. Annuities have more value than the interest that can accrue or be guaranteed. At no additional cost than the amount of money you deposit, you can get more benefits. That’s right, for your deposit you receive benefits and you stay at access to your money for withdrawal.  

What Is Good To Know About Annuities?

    Possible occurrences like going unemployed due to illness, being laid off while needing to pay hospital bills while suffering from a critical illness or chronic condition, can all be covered by opting-in to an Annuity. On top of all that, you can receive a death benefit, usually with little to no underwriting requirements. Meaning your BMI, health issues, and other troublesome reasons for being denied coverage will not get in the way. Annuities can turn your savings into a workhorse. Thus, providing you income for the rest of your life. That is pretty much being rich.

    Money in a financial institution with money coming in every year at monthly or lump sum payments is something you can change annually, is financially being free during retirement. There is a lot of win-win in these products so don’t be alarmed. If you take just a little bit of time to talk to a Professional (seated Preferably) you will know just how secure your retirement goals can be. You can find out more and how you can get started with an Annuity program suited for your needs and goals. Contact a Silver Age Professional Retirement Fund Retention Pro. today. 

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What Is A Suitability Worksheet

     It seems that many think that the word “suitability” has something to do with the judgment of the Clients acceptance in an Annuity program. This is not the case. Suitability pertains to what Annuity is good for that particular customer and their needs and retirement goals. So whip that thought out of your head if it’s what you believed as there is an Annuity program out there for you and we have the professionals that will find that product for you. 

   Our Professionals know the benefits associated with the many programs they are appointed in and they know it’s best to get the best out of your choice so things like Face Amount on death benefit and Riders are thoroughly discussed with questionnaires that draw all the possible interest to bring them to the Client. We love getting the best out of these products because it can really seal the deal for the Client’s retirement goals. So even when they think they are covered they commonly find they want to be covered even more. Contact a Silver Age Professional using the form at the bottom of the page. 

Scenarios of How Annuities Can Work For You

Scenario 1

    Alex has two sources of income. He worked and collects a retirement from the Air Force. There is just Alex now at home as his Daughter is off and on to college. Alexa, Alex’s Daughter has a full ride after her Mother was a victim of an accident a few years after divorcing her Father. Alex sends money to Alexa and still has money to save so he thought of how he could invest it.

    Alex did some research asking search engines “how can I invest my money safely?” He found an Annuity Website and then set up an appointment after completing a suitability worksheet. Alex was paired with an Annuity he could start for as low as $5,000.00 and contribute quarterly at whatever amount he preferred. By choosing this option he received $500,000 in death benefit and he received in the contract a guarantee on his interest accrual each year. 


    Alex is now investing the money he usually puts away into a bank account with an interest rate increase of 0.06% to an account with a guarantee of 6.5%. He can now leave money to Alexa and he can leave the money he puts in the Annuity to Alexa. 

Scenario 2

    David and Sandra both have 401k’s and they are coming into retirement age of 65. They start to ask how they should go about spending money as they thought of how their parents did it using coupons and buying in bulk and other penny-pinching ways of saving money daily Sandra’s friend Tammy told her about how she was suited for an Annuity and she’s been receiving monthly payments just recently. Tammy told Sandra that her Professional might be able to help her and David in one policy. This had Sandra ask Tammy to pass her information over to her Professional. 

    Blake, Tammy’s Professional, called David and Sandra and made an appointment to complete a suitability worksheet. After completing the suitability worksheet Blake found the two a Joint Annuity that would do the same for them as it did for Tammy. They will receive monthly payments in a year’s time and they have $2,500,000 in death benefit Face Amount. They both have Critical Illness, Long Term Care, and Chronic Illness Coverage as well. 


    David and Sandra don’t have to pinch pennies as they have 3 times as much money coming in as they do coming out and that is saying a lot given they purchased a Farm 25 years ago and still pay for a mortgage on the property. The way their parents went about it is that of those who go without knowing what an Annuity could do for them. Don’t be like in the past get a better future call a Silver Age Professional today. 

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