Hospital Indemnity

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Hospital Indemnity Professional Services

Hospital Indemnity

    Hospital Indemnity Plans control the cost that your Health Insurance Plan or Medicare Plan ask you to pay. This can be the 20% you have as coinsurance or the $20 co-pay you have when you visit your doctor. A more pressing need use for a Hospital Indemnity Plan is how it can cover hospital stays and cover other cost like hospital meals and what your Medicare coverage may stop at covering.

    Most Medicare plans ask the Beneficiary to pay for days 1-5 or more days before they will pick up the cost. This could mean $345-$1020 dollars a day stay. Now that’s an unexpected cost that can be controlled with monthly payments that can be less than a fraction of what you would have paid. But most of all what you had to pay is controlled and dosesn’t have to come out of your bank account unexpectedly. 

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