Silver Age Professionals of America

Silver Age Professionals Membership Packages and Business Plans

Silver Age Professionals Lead Packages and Plans


Pilot Series

Novice Package 4-8 Leads A Week $250.00 A Month

Pro Package 10-15 Leads A Week $550.00 A Month

Team Package 40-50 Leads A Week $1,050.00 A Month

Business Plans

Group/Agency Business Plans

Small-Group/Agency Package 100-150 Leads A Week $4,500.00 Annually $375.00 Monthly

Mid/Level Group/ Agency Package 250-300 Leads A Week $9,000.00 Annually $750.00 A Month

Large Group/Agency Package 500-750 Leads A Week $22,000.00 Annual Lump Sum

Agency Pilot Series

Team Trial Package 5 Broker Team 60 Leads For $2,475.00

The price for the trials increases at the same rate per 5 Brokers Added.

Package And Business Plan Details

All Package And Business Plans come with scripts and process and order correspondence. There is also direction on products to select to cover as many of the Clients you take on. You will receive a package of promotional items each fiscal quarter to run gift e-campaigns with your Clients. Your Clients will gain access to our Silver Age Club thus adding continuous benefits for your Clients.

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