Silver Age Professionals of America

Silver Age Professionals of America

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Silver Age Professionals of America A Group of Insurance Professionals

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Marketing Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Non Insurance Protection and much more!

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Quality services Since 2019

We’re committed to providing the highest-quality Broker Experience

   Our team is committed to providing the same level of outstanding service. We look to build long lasting relationships allowing Clients a point of contact for their needs and questions about their Insurance policies. 

   Pairing with a Silver Age Professional will get you more and more benefits as we provide our Clients membership that allow them access to many more benefits that are helpful in the silver age.  


Secure Your Future With Our Life Insurance Policies

   Burial can be taken care of simply with a low monthly payment. Don’t allow a FundMe page to tarnish your life’s legacy. 

   You and your family deserve more. A Silver Age Professional will have a product with an adequate face amount to put the worry to rest. 


Why selecting us is your best Option ?

Our Service Is Bar None. We’re Here For You!

   We look to be your Insurance Professional. Pairing with us will allow you to ask questions about Insurance and be brought into the loop of Professionals that we trust and work with. That brings you the same level of service and a person to follow up with you. 

   Our service allows our Clients to stop answering calls from telemarketers and never be fooled with scammers that trick them into switching their plan. You can rest assure that if it isn’t your Silver Age Professional, it isn’t for you. Contact us today.

Silver Age Professionals of America are select Brokers with experience and product knowledge.

The more we talk about our way of business the more it attracts both Clients and Brokers.

We select our portfolio to solve all the issues of our Clients.


We Know Education Is The Key

   We know that the Client is in need of information so we don’t look to just give them just enough. Check out our guides in our Marketplace. 

Get Professional Help with our Educational Guides

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Intro to Insurance for 62+

experience based knowledge of Thousands of people and Decades of Professional Solutions

We give you knowledge of the professionals and a Professional if you'd like.

   Navigating Medicare can be a challenge if you don’t have direction in what you need in particular. We went through the processes and packaged information that will help Beneficiaries feel confident in going about processes that may be necessary within the benefit. Here you can see what the difference is between getting the guide and getting a Silver Age Professional. 


With The Guides

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Members Love Our Work

I love the way me and my Professional connected. We talked for a good while and just like he said he found me coverage. My Professional had a lot of products and seemed to have a solution for everything I could think of. I'm thoroughly satisfied with everything.
Akira K.
SAP Club Member/Client
I didn't know that my nest egg could provide me monthly income. I always wondered what i'd do when it all ran out but that won't be the case now. I'll have more than enough now.
John W.
SAP Club Member/Club
My Wife and I were looking for someone that we could have as our agent . We searched on Google and there they were a Broker that will come to you or you can stay safe and do a video call. Our Professional is great we couldn't ask for more.
Lisa & David M.
SAP Club Member/Club

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